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All Board Certifications Shown Are Exclusive to Dr. Robert Applebaum, Chief Medical Director - Lifitque

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Beauty and Below

A two part Health and Beauty Seminar

10:AM to 12:30PM

Look Naturally Years-Younger WITHOUT Neck or Facelift Surgery

Smooth Out Crepey Neck Skin 

Lift up Droopy Jowls

Tighten up Chin Wattles

Reduce Hanging Double Chins


Liftique is The One-and-Done Premier
Non-Surgical and Minimally-Invasive Procedure That Actually Contracts Your Skin. 

Clinically-Proven Results, Safe FDA-Approved Radio Frequency Technology. No Scalpels or Scars. No Repeat Visits.  Minimal Post-Procedure Pain and Recovery Time.


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Before and After

Actual patient before and after photographs.

Photo's un-retouched. Results will vary by individual.


In just one treatment, the Liftique One-and-Done Premier Procedure can help you look years-younger, naturally and feel more attractive.

Enjoy lifted, firmer, tighter, smoother, rejuvenated skin without the worry or long recovery time from traditional neck and facelift surgery. 


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